provide authentic, human support

Consumers prefer interactions by a mix of AI and humans

In this age of 24/7 online shopping, 62 percent of users want customer service to be available around the clock, according to a study from Gamini.

More than half of those surveyed users wanted a personal exchange to be friendly and even humorous. A bot cannot afford such an exchange. This is where guuru comes in: With guuru, companies can keep costs down by up to 80% compared to traditional customer services, by engaging their customer crowd while covering the customer’s need for personal communication. For easy-to-answer questions, the guuru bot takes over.

How does it work? Customers send their questions via chat and the guuru algorithm then forwards them either to a bot or to a particularly qualified customer (a Guuru) depending on the topic. The Guuru answers the question with his or her know-how and fulfils the customer’s desire for personal, human advice.

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