We are guuru!

How it all started

guuru was founded 2015 by Benno Marbach, Antoine Meier and Tonio Meier in Switzerland with one bold vision: enabling people to share their expertise in real-time with others. After having developed a first prototype in 2016, the concept has been tested and successfully validated with Sky in early 2017. Afterwards guuru has been introduced to other customers in the ecommerce, telecommunication and hospitality industries. In 2018 guuru entered the German market. Meanwhile guuru has offices in Munich, Lisabon, Zug and Zurich.

Everybody is a guuru

We want to enable everyone to share their expertise with others: e.g. as a customer to help other customers, as a member to help other members. We want to make this sharing of expertise super fast and easy. And we want to make this sharing of expertise being compensated. But most importantly, we want to ensure the highest quality in the provided answers.


Tonio Meier

CEO, Co-Founder

Benno Marbach

COO, Co-Founder

Tiago Fernandes


Harry Timm

Sales Director

Christoph Häusler

Sales Director, DACH

Samuel Alpoim

Full-Stack Developer

João Vieira

Full-Stack Developer

Miguel Aroucha

Software Developer

Diogo Andrade

Software Developer

Sofia Milho

Software Developer

Paola Maida

Senior Community Success Manager

Board of Directors

Antoine Meier

Chairman & Co-Founder

Reto Koch

William Dougherty