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Consumers prefer a mix of AI and humans interactions in Customer Service

In this age of 24/7 online shopping, 62 % of users want customer service to be available around the clock, a study by Gamini shows.

More than half of the surveyed users wanted a personal exchange which was friendly and even humorous. A chatbot cannot create such an exchange.

This is where GUURU offers an effective and scalable solution. GUURU’s unique customer interaction solution engages a company’s most engaged customers. These loyal customers, who are trained and certified, can offer their product know-how directly to inquiring customers.

This means, when your customer service department is overextended, your loyal customers can step in answer a customers inquiry. For easy-to-answer questions, the GUURU bot takes over. However, when inquiries require personal exchanges, GUURU’s technology matches it to the certified customer best equipped to answer these questions.

This way, you can fulfil a customer’s need for personal communication with the added benefit of it being personal customer-to-customer interaction. 

GUURU also enables businesses to reduce their costs 80% more effectively, when compared to traditional customer service platforms.

How does it work? Customers submit their questions to a company via chat. Depending on the nature of the question, GUURU’s algorithm forwards the question to the chatbot or to a qualified customer (a Guuru). Next, the Guuru answers the question, using his or her product knowledge, making sure the customer receives authentic personal, human advice.

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