Online Retail in the Festive Season: Data reveals convenience is key for millennials

For millennials convenience is key when online shopping

Online Retail in the Festive Season: Data reveals convenience is key for millennials

In this post, we discuss the latest data on millennial shopping behaviour during the Festive Season. We will also show you 3 simple ways to improve your online customer service to convert more leads to sales, specifically among millennials.

Google recently published two reports of last year’s festive season to help businesses prepare for the upcoming Festive Season.

Both reports, the Holiday Retail Playbook 2019 and the Christmas shopping season I Marketing cheat sheet 2019, offer a glimpse into how consumers are shopping online.

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One interesting data point specifically relates to millennials. It indicates that millennials spend more time than any other generation on online shopping. Also, they are buying increasingly more.

Why millennial shopping behaviour, during the festive season, matters

As the young and upcoming workforce, millennials are starting to out-earn their parents, writes Martijn Bertises, the Country Sales Director of Google U.K.

That’s a magic combo of increased buying power and a natural affinity to online shopping. This is the first generation to take to digital media from a relatively young age.

This group also offers us insight into the consumer needs of the younger generations of shoppers. The data on this group point to the importance of convenience in an online shopping experience.

3 Tips for customer service in the Festive Season (specifically for millennial shoppers)

Tip 1: offer real-time customer service 24 hours a day

Both Google’s reports show not only that millennials are doing more online shopping, but also that they heavily rely on online product research.

Even before making in-store decisions, millennials generally do their research online.

That’s why you need to ensure you can offer around-the-clock customer service. If you don’t provide the answers millennials need to make immediate purchases, another site will. They’re just a click away.

In 2019 survey on the online shopping experience, Forbes magazine reported that millennials lean towards qualities like immediacy and convenience. Millennials want quick answers and same-day delivery.

Tip 2: prepare for high volume peaks and a need for personalized support

The Festive Season is the perfect time to up your game. Consumers are eager to make purchasing decisions, yet they’re overwhelmed by the options. Google suggests that by merely being visible, you may increase your leads, as it simplifies the process for the consumer.

Yet, pouring marketing money into visibility when your customer service department is pointless.

Ensure that you have a smart online customer service system in place that offers real-time and human-based support. Your system needs to be able to handle high-volume peaks from all your online media platforms.

Tip 3: offer 60-second response times

Millennials aren’t one-size-fits-all gift-givers, and they have multiple loved-ones to find gifts for.

Most of them search for gifts in clothing and footwear (69%), fashion accessories (49%), home electronics (49%) and jewellery (40%). Many also searched for gifts in furniture & home décor (39%), household items (39%) and mobile devices (31%). Gifts like small appliances (28%), sporting/fitness goods (22%), home renovations (22%) and large appliances (21%) were also common.

That’s why you must make answering product questions as simple as possible with instant response times. Your competitors are in almost every product sector if you don’t make gift research effortless, one if your multitude of competitors will.

A 60-second response time can be the game-changer for your business.

A 3-1 customer service solution for the Festive Season.

With GUURU you have the Customer Service Technology on hand to helps your business overcome high volume peaks during the festive season. GUURU also enables your business to offer its online shoppers 24 / hour live support, without compromising on human-based support.

We leverage the power of A.I. and machine learning, to create a future-forward Customer Service Technology. Our Customer Interaction Platform taps into the rich knowledge of your existing clients to offer your potentials clients authentic support any time of the day.

If you’d like to find out how GUURU can help you tailor your customer service specifically for millennial shopping behaviour during the festive season, connect with us here.

If you need more tips on how to prepare your business and its customer service for the Festive Season, you can download Google’s free resources below.
Google / Ipsos’s Holiday Retail Playbook 2019:
This is a nifty guide that summarizes consumer insights from U.S. online consumers during the 2018 / 2019 festive season. The data used was predominantly collected via Google data, Ipsos, Capgemini, Google / Magid Advisors, Mastercard Advisors and online surveys conducted in the U.S. Download it here.
Google / Ipsos’s Christmas shopping season I Marketing cheat sheet 2019:
This infographic condenses some useful insights on the behaviour of consumers in the U.K. during 2018 / 2019 festive season. Most of the data were collected via Google / Ipsos’s Holiday study of 2999 U.K. shoppers during 2018 / 2019. 2018 Research of Tubular Labs was also used.
Download it here: › documents › HS_03_Infographic
* Although various sources differ on the specific parameters of the Millennial Generation (also known as Generation Y) the age group is roughly between 23 and 38.