Junior Software Engineer

Junior Software Engineer, Full Stack


Guuru’s mission is to become the world’s leading Customer Service Crowdsourcing Platform and with this fix the Customer Service industry challenges.


Full Stack Engineers are an essential part of our Product Team. We take care of Guuru’s infrastructure and we are the interface between Partners, Customers and Guurus. We build libraries and abstractions to make our lives easier.


We make the most of modern tools like React, ES6, and SASS, and we ensure our UIs work well on all screen sizes. Some of us specialise in frontend, some in backend, but all of us are JavaScript pros and full-stack engineers.


  • Full stack web/mobile application development with a variety of languages including but not limited to node, JavaScript, HTML, etc.
  • Implement web and mobile interfaces using React, React Native and CSS.


  • Knowledge of NoSQL.
  • Experience with frontend and backend technologies: JavaScript, CSS, node.
  • Experience with some JS utility libraries: Lodash, moment, jQuery.
  • Experience with source control (preferably git).
  • A passion for the simple over the complex.

Preferred qualifications

  • B.S. or M.S. Computer Science or related field.
  • Experience with node and react.

Interested? Send your application to careers@guuru.com.