FAQs about Community in eCommerce

Your Community

Your brand community is the group of loyal customers or brand advocates who use, love, and talk about your brand and its products often.


A brand community has a massive impact on a brand’s revenue, both through repeat purchases and by sharing their share their positive brand experiences with family, friends, or social media connections.

You can find your brand community by keeping tabs on who talks positively about you on social media. However, the easiest way to create a list of people within your brand community is through a customer loyalty program. A loyalty program attracts happy customers who have the intention to buy again.


Many members of your brand community will also subscribe to your email newsletter or sign up for brand-related events or freebies.


If you use GUURU’s Community Solution, it will also provide you with some community-building tools to find and engage exceptionally knowledgeable members of your brand community in your eCommerce strategy.

Your Guuru Community

Guurus are passionate customers qualified to give other consumers live product advice directly on an online store.


To become a Guuru, a customer has to pass a relatively difficult brand knowledge test. Guurus usually draw their knowledge from firsthand experience with your brand’s products and the topic your brand relates to. For example, a Guuru for Canyon Bikes, like Domenico, is both a Canyon user and an experienced cyclist.



Each Canyon Guuru has passed Canyon’s rigorous knowledge and communication skill test. This ensures that every Guuru delivers relevant, high-quality and real-time advice.

A loyal customer needs an invitation (and a unique code) from a brand to apply for its Community Advice program. Next, the customer must take and pass the brand’s knowledge and communication skill test before becoming a Guuru.



Here is a step-by-step guide if you want to become a Guuru:

  1. Download the GUURU app.
    Use your unique invitation code, provided by the brand you love, to apply to the Community Advice program.
  2. Pass the product knowledge and communication skills test.
  3. Fill out your Guuru Profile and work through the Knowledge Base.
  4. Accept your first Guuru chat!

You will find your brand’s Guurus by inviting your loyal customers to apply to your Community Advice program.


You can invite your mailing list via email. You can also place the GUURU Invitation Box on your website. Pages that require registration often work well as they indicate that these are returning customers who have first-hand brand knowledge.

You can invite your loyal customers to the Guuru program via email or by placing the GUURU invitation box on you online store’s website.


Pages that require customers to be logged, where you will find returning customers, in work.


A Guuru community creates an authentic and connected customer experience.


Brands using Guurus often see:

  • high customer satisfaction rates and NPS Scores for community interactions,
  • deeper page engagement,
  • more sales conversions¬†following an interaction with a Guuru.


Before making purchase, most shoppers look for product advice from other consumers. Typically they have to navigate away from the page they’re shopping on to find authentic community conversations about your products.


Community-first technology allows to connect your online shoppers very effortlessly with your community of passionate and experienced customers on your online store, in real-time.

When we talk about the impact of a brand or a Guuru community on your online store, we often look at three success indicators:

  1. customer engagement with your community on specific web pages;
  2. the customer’s satisfaction following community exchanges;
  3. and sales conversions following a community exchange.

From the Partner Portal, you can also look at each individual Guuru’s response time, customer rating, exchange time, conversations and shopper feedback.



By default, Guurus are customers that absolutely love your brand and you don’t talk badly about something you love.


Guurus are the customers who use your products often, because they are very happy with them. Additionally, there are various layers to our solution that ensures top-rated answer quality including the:

  • application requirements;
  • test difficulty;
  • Knowledge Base & internal support;
  • monitoring platform;
  • remuneration structure;
  • and question recognition and SmartRouting algorithm.


No. They are real and passionate customers who share their first-hand knowledge and experience with your shoppers via the GUURU mobile or desktop app.


They are rewarded for sharing relevant advice either through rewards or cash remuneration and they can opt in or out of offering advice as they please.


In legal terms, they are freelancers, not employees.

See Implementing your Guuurs, for on answer quality, answer time, implementation time limes, renumeration etc.