Customer service 100% remote.

Provide instant and fully scalable support from anywhere.

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Combining AI with the human experience of product users and agents

With the help of AI, our cloud-based technology routes incoming questions to either the Guuru SmartBot, the Guuru community or your second-tier agents, while considering the nature of the question. Push notifications to the best matching source guarantees a fast and competent response.

  GUURU SmartBot

Simple questions that do not require human interaction will be handled by the guuru chatbot.

  Guurus – 100% remote

Have qualified customers with the relevant domain-expertise answer all product related questions that require a personalised support. Guurus work remotely, from home-office and around the clock. They accept questions via App and upon push notifications.

  GUURU Plus / Agents (100% remote possible)

Have your agents or specially certified Guurus answer questions that require system access. The cloud-based technology enables them to work from home on desktop or mobile. No infrastructure is needed.

Our Customer Interaction Solution can be set-up within a few days only.

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Activate your product users

Turn your customers into Guurus to provide authentic human advice within seconds on all digital channels. Our technology manages the certification, compensation and quality monitoring of the Guurus.

How do I recruit Guurus?
Your customers and fans are your community

Increase your NPS

With guuru you increase your NPS above benchmark

Grow above benchmark! Find the experts among your customers and qualify them to become Guurus for authentic, 24/7 support.

How to increase your NPS
of customers trust recommendations from other customers more than from agents.
is the NPS measured by our customers since they use guuru as their customer service solution.
is the average sales conversion rate after a customer chats with a Guuru.
availability of human support can be guaranteed while costs can be reduced by up to 50%.

Industries using guuru

Customer support in eCommerce


Online shopping can be done 24/7, and online shoppers expect customer service around the clock as well.

Subscription Services & Telecom

Promotions and new offerings trigger high variations in customer contacts which require a flexible, on-demand workforce.


Travelers rely on the opinions of locals or other traveling customers when booking their trips and accommodations.