GUURU is a platform where customers help each other. The following is an explanation of how GUURU works. We also provide a few valuable tips and tricks for you.

Your profile

You are not obliged to upload a picture of yourself in the GUURU app or provide your name. However, for your chat partners it’s a more pleasant experience if they can see who they’re talking to. You’re also welcome to choose a symbol as your picture. It’s important that you don’t use a picture or name that will make your chat partner believe that you are a customer service representative of the company. Profiles that may suggest this will be locked.


You’re free to choose the language in which you want to answer questions in the chat. We recommend that you choose a language in which you can express yourself in an understandable way. Bad language knowledge and erroneous writing may lead to having your profile locked.



An algorithm assigns the chats to Guurus whose expertise and qualities are best suited for the chat request in question. A large number of parameters are taken into consideration, for example, availability, language, chat ratings, answer speed, Guuru profile (picture and description)… and many more.

The assignment is done automatically and can take widely varying amounts of time. It’s also possible that you are not assigned to any chats despite having a good rating. For example, this may be because more suitable Guurus are available or simply because there are not that many chat requests. In this case, please do not contact us as we won’t be able to help due to the fact that assignments are made automatically.


You’re free to accept, reject, or ignore a chat request. You should only accept chats if you’re confident you’ll be able to answer them. Do not accept more than three chats at the same time.

Accept a chat request as soon as possible. If you can’t make it, keep the app open or use the web version:
If you notice that you don’t have time to answer chats immediately adjust your time availability in the GUURU app under “Profile” / “Change availability”.


At the end and during the chat, every customer has the opportunity to rate your answer. The quality of your answer and your effort to provide the customer with the best possible support is what matters most. Alongside other factors like availability, your overall rating therefore impacts the future assignment of chats. Occasionally a visitor’s rating might not be appropriate, but there is no need to worry about it, as it happens to every Guuru. Sometimes it can also happen that satisfied customers forget to rate your chat once it’s over. Feel free to actively ask the visitor to rate you, but please respect that explicitly asking for a positive rating is not accepted on our platform.


The following reasons or similar reasons can cause you to no longer receive chats:

  • Leaving chats without proposing a solution or without saying goodbye.
  • Pretending being a customer service representative of the corresponding company (and not indicating that you’re a Guuru).
  • Addressing chats to yourself.
  • Not transferring chats when its necessary
  • Creating multiple accounts (only one is allowed)
  • Impolite behaviour (you should use the report function if a chat user is being impolite to you)
  • Offering or promoting of services outside of the Guuru chat.
  • Any kind of fraudulent behavior.

Forwarding to customer service

If there’s a question you’re unable to answer, please inform the user. In most communities, there’s the option to forward chats to the corresponding company’s customer service department. You absolutely need to inform the customer about this beforehand, though. After you press the transfer button, the customer will be able to enter his contact information. The chat record will then be sent to the customer service department.


You can use the report function to report situations from a chat that is unusual or in violation of the rules. These include:

  • Spam: Off-topic questions, random characters or sentences, and chats that are ended without any interaction.
  • Inappropriate behavior: Insults, harassment, etc.
  • Other: Disruptions and technical problems.

IMPORTANT: This function should only be used in exceptional cases. Use it with caution and do not use it for any purpose other than the one described above. Improper use can result in your profile being locked.



Communities compensate Guurus with either cash or points. This depends on the compensation plan of the community which you can see in the app. Payouts are therefore made either in cash or points as defined by each community.

Account balance

You can view your current balance in the GUURU app under “Current balance”. It may take a few minutes until your balance gets updated after the most recent chat.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This balance is reset at the end of every month, but this has no effect on your payouts. If you’d like to check your earnings from the previous month, click “Your profile” > “Chat overview” in the guuru app.

Cash payouts

Your monthly balance will be transferred to the IBAN account you specified in the GUURU app under “Your Profile” > “Change bank details”. If you don’t receive your payout, please make sure your bank details are entered correctly. The payouts are always processed by the last day of the following month.


The minimum payout amount within a community is 2, regardless of currency. If this amount is not reached, the amount will be paid out after the acceptance of further chats from the same community in the next month.


In the case of fraudulent behavior, your entire balance will be forfeited.

FAQs about the income of a Guuru (validity CH)

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the income of a Guuru. If your question is not answered by the FAQ, please feel free to contact us using our live chat.

Our answers are for your information only and do not constitute binding information. For binding information on the social security treatment of your income, please contact your local compensation office. GUURU ltd disclaims any liability arising from the FAQ.

FAQs on the Guuru’s income, valid for Great Britain

Below you find answers t to frequently asked questions about the income of a Guuru.


Our answers are for your information only and, in providing this, GUURU ltd does not accept any liability in relation to your personal tax affairs, which as a matter of law and your contract with GUURU are your responsibility. For more specific information on the social security and/or tax treatment of your income, please contact HMRC or speak to your own accountant or financial adviser.

We wish you fun & success in your role as a Guuru. Be proud of the exclusive knowledge that makes you a valuable community member!