Case Study

Graubünden Ferien uses locals to advice visitors of the region 24/7

Several Graubünden/Switzerland vacation resorts work with Guurus–locals and region experts–to cover the 66% of support queries which occur outside opening hours of the local tourism offices.

guuru crowd sourced customer service
Case Study Graubünden uses guuru

  • 24/7 support as 66% of queries are made outside opening hours
  • Trustful and high quality answers as Guurus are locals or region experts.
  • Customer satisfaction index of 4.8 out of 5
  • Cost-effective customer support solution

Flavio Godenzi von Tourismus Graubünden

Flavio Godenzi

Shared Services Manager, Graubünden Ferien

Why shouldn't we get members of our own community involved in helping our visitors? Whether they are locals or people who have been visiting our area since their childhood - what could be better than people who love our region making recommendations to new visitors?

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