GUURU has chosen Revolut as the payment gateway. Revolut Ltd. is a UK financial company focusing on global spending and money transfers without exaggerated exchange rates as traditional banks do.
This set up allows a speedy and accurate payment process.

Choose currency

You can choose the currency you wish to be paid in from EUR or CHF.


Note that you can only choose one currency for all your payments: it means that no matter which currency the community you are a Guuru for pays you in, you will receive the amount in the currency you choose in the App.


Why is this important? You may be a Guuru for several communities with different payment currencies. Your payment will however be in one currency only: the one you chose in your app account.

Which currency should you choose?

Your bank may charge you for money transfers and raise currency exchange fees. This depends on the currency your account is in and the currency you get paid in. Depending on the currencies, payments will be proceeded via SEPA (if you choose to be paid in EUR) or SWIFT (if you choose to be paid in CHF). In order to reduce these costs to a minimum, you should talk to your bank and find out what their conditions are and what suits you best.


Alternatively, you could set up an account directly with Revolut. In this case, you will receive the money free of transfer charge and with Revolut’s low currency exchange rate. The payment is also immediately available on the day of the transfer.


We have put together some information to help you understand the money flow and costs that may occur:

GUURU payment policy