Our team

Welcome to guuru!

guuru was founded in 2016 in Switzerland by Benno Marbach, Antoine Meier, and Tonio Meier with the vision to enable people to share their expertise with others in real-time.

With decades of experience in the Customer Service Industry, they have a deep understanding of the importance of customer experience, support, as well as the challenges and opportunities it brings.

Our Team

Tonio Meier

CEO, Co-Founder

Benno Marbach

COO, Co-Founder

Tiago Fernandes


Manuel Heilmann

Chief Sales Officer

Chris from guuru

Chris Apostel

Sales Director DACH

Daniel Hägele bei guuru

Daniel Haegele

Sales Director DACH

Ash Vipani

Director of Sales UK

Jutta Stienen

Director Digital Marketing

Gwen Blécon bei guuru

Gwen Blécon

Marketing Performance Director

Paola Maida

Senior Project & Customer Success Manager

Esther Salini Guuru

Esther Salini

Project & Customer Success Manager

Heike Zenger

Project & Customer Success Manager

Christoph_Kohlmayr bei guuru

Christoph Kohlmayr

Head of Business Development

Sara Trusio bei guuru

Sara Trusio

Sales Operation Manager

Jocelyne Rocke guuru

Jocelyne Rocke

Business Development

Nadija Muirgia at guuru

Nadja Murgia

Business Development

Ana Serafim at guuru

Ana Serafim

Senior Product Manager

Rafaela Ruf at guuru

Rafaela Ruf

Senior Product Manager

Darko Malinovic

Darko Malinovic

LeadGen Specialist

Jessica Ribeiro at guuru

Jessica Ribeiro

Software Engineer

Samuel Alpoim

VP Engineering

João Vieira

Lead Software Engineer


Diogo Andrade

Software Engineer


Sofia Milho

Junior Software Developer


Miguel Aroucha

Software Engineer

Diogo Araujo guuru

Diogo Araújo

Junior Software Engineer

Nuno Silva guuru

Nuno Silva

Software Engineer

Pedro Ribeiro guuru

Pedro Ribeiro

Software Engineer

Board of Directors

Antoine Meier

Executive Chairman

Martin Altorfer

Martin Altorfer

Serial Entrepreneur

William Dougherty

Chief Investment Officer
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