FAQs about AI vs Human-centric Community Advice

AI and Community in a live chat

While generative AI enhances bot responses and scalability of human connection, by itself it is a very weak substitute to the authenticity, belonging, relatability, and trust-building that underpin the emotional decision-making of a shopper.


While it may be tempting to choose an AI-only approach, because it seems cheaper or easier (although it often isn’t), a purely synthetic customer experience often costs you many of your customers.


Instead, focus on leveraging generative AI to handle simple inquiries while simultaneously using this technology to scale meaningful human connections, proven to enhance conversion rates.

AI is more effective at answering standard questions while a human community is better at guiding a shopper to a confident purchase decision.


Ideally you should have one live chat that is able to draw AI responses when relevant and Community Advice when relevant. A chat that draws from both creates a seamless live chat experiences that delivers your shoppers instant, relevant help without the feeling of being sent around to different sources.


SmartRouting automatically recognises the intent of an inquiry, answering simple questions using AI; sending product-related questions to your community members; and account-related questions to your agent.

Community advice is essentially human advice. In eCommerce, community advice refer to guidance, recommendations, assistance, or insights provided by a collective of individuals who share similar interests, values, or preferences when it comes to shopping.


Shoppers place their trust in the wisdom of these consumer communities for reliable advice. In the digital landscape of eCommerce, these communities predominantly exist online, often on social media platforms.


However, the  live Community Advice chat, pioneered by GUURU, is specifically designed to bridge these communities with brands’ online stores. This chat platform intelligently connects enthusiastic and knowledgeable brand advocates with shoppers seeking quick and relevant product advice in real-time.

Combining generative AI, like ChatGPT, with input from a community of loyal customers in your live chat for an online store offers numerous benefits.


While AI provides instant, conversational responses to standard queries, advice from relatable fellow consumers has a greater impact on purchasing decisions.


Shoppers seek nuanced guidance from those who share their interests or values. By integrating AI tools with community input, you can deliver instant answers while also providing trustworthy human experiences, addressing concerns about synthetic or bot-generated content.


This approach enhances the shopping journey, fostering connections between shoppers and your brand community, ultimately boosting sales conversions and customer retention.

In order to get it right, an Advanced AI bot requires a lot of setup work. While an AI bot may offer a cheaper solution from the get-go, the Return on Investment (ROI) of a community-based approach that leverages AI is much higher in the long run.


While AI chatbots excel at providing clear answers to specific questions, community advice fosters brand affinity based on shared passion. Community advice has shown to boost conversions up to five times for community-powered online stores.


Additionally, community members often organically upsell products and enhance customer retention by offering independent advice that leads to better product fit recommendations.


By combining the power of human connection and AI, you can create long-lasting customer retention with fast, relevant and emotional brand experiences.

Yes. What makes our Solution uniquely effective in providing shoppers with instant, relevant, and trustworthy advice when and where they shop is our harmonious integration between your brand community’s authentic expertise and AI capabilities.


Leveraging the rich communal expertise of networks of brand fans who have firsthand brand expertise that shoppers trust, we’ve designed a system that intelligently connects shoppers with questions to the most suited community expert available in real-time. This ensures that shoppers receive not only fast but relevant advice, directly from someone who truly knows.


For common or repetitive questions, our AI-powered conversational bot steps in, offering rapid and accurate answers. And in those moments where a question touches on specifics only accessible to your team, our system’s CoPilot smoothly connects your shopper to one of your agents.


By combining advanced AI and human expertise, we guarantee that every shopper receives instant, relevant, and personal advice in a seamless brand experience.

See Live Community Advice for questions about a community-powered live chat on your online store.