FAQs about Live Community Advice

Peer-to-peer shopping advice

Community advice in eCommerce refers to product recommendations, information, or tips provided by experienced consumers to others with product-related inquiries.


This advice is highly trusted and valued, often surpassing recommendations from sales agents in terms of customer satisfaction, sales conversions and brand affinity.

The Community Advice live chat, developed by GUURU, is a community-powered tool designed to foster and scale genuine peer-to-peer exchanges and guidance on products or services directly on online stores.


This live chat feature enables website visitors to seek real-time advice from knowledgeable members of a brand’s community, who are qualified to share their firsthand brand expertise.


Powered by advanced AI technology, the chat seamlessly connects shoppers with questions to authentic brand users, ensuring relevant and reliable advice is readily available at any hour.


The chat is also works with a CoPilot which instantly answers repetitive questions and seamlessly passes questions requiring agent support to available agents.

Enhancing your customer’s shopping journey with real-time advice from your experienced community offers numerous advantages including:

  1. Building Trustworthy Shopping Experiences: Community Advice goes beyond simple recommendations, fostering trust through authentic insights from seasoned consumers. By leveraging the firsthand experiences of your loyal customers, shoppers develop confidence not just in their purchasing decisions but also in your brand.
  2. Scaling Personal Advice to when Shoppers Need it: Shopping doesn’t adhere to traditional business hours, and neither does Community Advice. Powered by real customers who are active when shoppers are and AI SmartRouting technology, this service ensures that personalized, relevant advice is always at your shopper’s fingertips, whether it’s during a late-night browsing session or a weekend shopping spree.
  3. Fostering a Sense of Community Belonging: Community Advice transforms simple information requests into dynamic conversations enriched by authentic consumer experiences. By connecting like-minded consumers, it elevates customer experiences beyond standard bot or agent interactions, embedding them within a community driven by shared preferences and values.

While there are numerous incentives contributing to the success of brands employing D2C strategies, Community Advice stands out as a catalyst poised to deliver significant and enduring benefits to eCommerce in the years ahead.


With trust in social media, marketing, and online content on the decline due to the proliferation of synthetic, fake, or AI-generated content, scalable human-centric solutions are becoming increasingly vital in shaping shopper experiences.


Moreover, Community Advice represents a perpetual asset, as customer communities play a pivotal role in driving the success of the brands they endorse. By providing real-time access to loyal customers, Community Advice not only attracts potential customers into the fold but also strengthens the bond between advice-giving customers and the brand.

At GUURU, we ensure the quality of Community Advice by tapping into the expertise of certified brand users.


These brand users are regular customers who have all passed a rigorous product and brand knowledge test and have expressed an interest in sharing their expertise. They are passionately and happily using your products, making their insights invaluable.


Through our advanced AI technology called SmartRouting, we connect every shopper with an available Guuru (experienced customers who have passed the relevant tests) who provides relevant, high-quality advice in a timely manner. SmartRouting recognizes shopper questions and matches them with knowledgeable advice that resonates with your audience.

Live chat does not slow down a website. GUURU’s Community Advice Live Chat code is extremely light. Simply copy and paste the code directly into your website or via Google Tag Manager.

Even compared to Generative AI, Community Advice offers personalization, authenticity, and emotional connection that AI alone can’t replicate.


By leveraging AI within a community-centric approach, GUURU’s Community Advice delivers personalized human advice in under 60 seconds, even after-hours and on weekends.


In the face of growing distrust in synthetic content, providing trustworthy shopping guidance will set your online store apart for years to come.