FAQs about Community Implementation

Implementing your Guuru Community

We’ve perfected the art of a simple Community Solution that connects your shoppers to the authentic experiences of your brand fans in an easy, largely automated way. Our tried and tested solution offers brands the tools they need to easily find, invite and qualify the experts in their community.


Once qualified brand fans (called Guurus) download the GUURU app, they have everything they need. To activate your live Community Advice chat on your online store, you just need copy a simple line of code into your websiteno further maintenance is needed.


However we believe that it’s best to view your community for what they are: supercharged brand advocates who buy and advocate for your brand. Every bit of effort invested beyond the minimum, will go a long way for a long time.

To go live, it can take 3 weeks up to a few months in total, starting with inviting and then qualifying a community of loyal customers who can offer your shoppers live advice based on their firsthand brand expertise.


To implement your live Community Advice Chat on your online store only takes a few minutes, copying a line of code. It takes no additional maintenance. Guurus will offer advice via the Guuru store that they can instal on most mobile and desktop devices.


Your timeline will mostly be affected by how well-established your brand community is and how easy it is to invite loyal customers to the program. The easiest way to get a more accurate timeline for your community is by booking a chat with Francesco.

Guurus enjoy sharing their passion for the products, services or brands they’re passionate about. Guurus can also choose when they want to accept incoming requests via the GUURU app.


They get incentivised for the time they take to offer support-seeking consumers advice in a fast, authentic way. Our customers incentivise their Guurus for conversations using reward programs or monetary compensation.


By using the experts in your community you can build fully scalable product advice that is authentic, passionate, available 24/7 and instantly accessible.

The reason why the average response time for a Guuru is under 60 seconds is because we’ve perfected an algorithm that intelligently connects shoppers, with questions, to instantly available Guurus with relevant expertise.


Additionally Guuru communities look very similar to the customers they help, because they’re real product users. This means, Guurus are active in the same timezones as the customers that require their advice.

Guurus are real customers who voluntarily share their firsthand knowledge and experiences with your shoppers through the GUURU mobile or desktop app.


They receive rewards or cash remuneration for their advice and have the autonomy to choose when they have conversations with inquiring shoppers.


Legally, they are considered freelancers, not employees. You can view and manage all Guuru conversations from your Partner Portal.

While you define what level of brand knowledge, product experience and communication skills a customer needs to bring to the table, before qualifying as a Guuru, you don’t need to worry about the answer quality.


Our solution also ensures that the application requirements; the test difficulty; the Knowledge Base, the internal support and the reward system establishes a community of knowledgeable brand fans who offer well-informed, relevant advice.



You can get real-time insights on every Guuru and all of their interactions through your dashboard, at any time.

At GUURU, we deliver compelling, high-value customer experiences by tapping into the expertise that shoppers actively seek out before making a purchase: the firsthand experiences of qualified customers (called Guurus) that have similar values, preferences and interest.


We make sure that every shopper is connected to an available Guuru with relevant, high-quality advice using advanced AI called SmartRouting. SmartRouting recognises shopper questions, matching them with fast, well-informed advice that your shoppers can relate to.

Our solution employs advanced AI to ensure Guurus receive questions within their expertise and questions that require agent support are sent directly to your team.


In the rare instance where additional support is needed, Guurus seamlessly transfer to your agents within the Community Advice chat, ensuring customers have an uninterrupted, highly personalised experience.

Our solution uses SmartRouting which instantly sends questions that require agent support directly to your agents, opening up a conversation within the Community Advice chat.


So it’s uncommon for conversations with Guurus to require agent support. When they do, Guurus can simply connect them to agents and the customer will seamlessly be connected to an agent.

Integrating your Guuru Community

Yes, you can integrate your community of Guurus with most chatbots, allowing customers with standard questions to get automated answers, while connecting shoppers that need personalised advice that they can relate to, to your community.


We also offer a bot-solution that instantly takes care of standard and repetitive questions within the Community Advice chat. Read more about our CoPilot in the next question.

GUURU’s CoPilot seamlessly integrates with your Community Advice chat, providing instant conversational answers to common questions while remaining discreetly hidden otherwise.


Powered by ChatGPT, this tool extracts tailored information about your products and services directly from various sources, including conversations between your Guurus and shoppers, as well as your web pages, ensuring effortless access to highly relevant answers.


In cases where a shopper’s question necessitates agent support, the CoPilot smoothly brings an agent into the chat.

GUURU’s CoPilot offers an effortless setup with no API required, seamlessly integrating into your Community Advice chat.


Drawing from your unique content and community conversations, the CoPilot ensures every customer interaction is relevant and reflects your community’s expertise, even when providing answers independently.

Yes, you can integrate your Facebook account with GUURU, allowing your customers with questions to connect with your Guurus in real-time.

Yes, you can integrate our solution with SalesForce. We can synchronize every customer exchange with SalesForce, automatically creating, updating, and closing cases.


Our solution can also intelligently transfer any cases requiring agent support to a queue of your choice in SalesForce.

Yes, our Community Advice solution integrates with Zendesk. We can automatically create Zendesk tickets for any shopper that uses your Community Advice live chat.


If you are using Tickets web forms, you can map our transfer targets with your web forms and map our transfer custom fields with your Zendesk custom fields.