FAQs about Community Content

UGC extracted from Community chats

Community Content in eCommerce refers to user-generated content created by a network of connected by shared interests, preferences, or values. Unlike marketing content, Community Content delivers the genuine perspectives of consumers through their brand experiences and insights.


It serves as a valuable resource for customers seeking personalised and relevant information, that they can trust, about the products they’re interested in. Advice from a community of like minded consumers, with firsthand brand experiences, inspires confident purchase decisions.

The benefits of enriching your product pages with Community Content include:

  • Emotive Page Experiences: Community Content provides shoppers with genuine perspectives and insights from real customers while the explore your product page. Community Content creates page experience that foster a sense of connection to your brand community and trust in the value of your products.
  • Inspiring Shopper Confidence: As Community Content is created by users who have firsthand brand experience, it tends to be highly relevant to the interests and needs of potential customers, inspiring purchasing confidence.
  • Engaging Social Proof: Community Content goes beyond the social proof of positive customer reviews. It demonstrates product satisfaction and approval from fellow consumers, by inviting shoppers to explore the brand’s community by exchanging directly with its passionate customers, in real-time.
  • Boosted Community Engagement: User-generated content encourages active participation and engagement within a brand’s online community, creating a connected, dynamic shopping experience.
  • Community Building: By facilitating connections among consumers who share common interests and experiences, Community Content simultaneously contributes to the growth and development of your loyal and new customer community.
  • Relatable Personalization: Tailored recommendations and advice from a consumer who’s been where you are, leaves a lasting impression compared to less relatable agent-to-customer personalization.
  • Future-proof SEO Benefits: Increasingly, Google is prioritizing human-generated content authored by credible individuals. Community-generated content, particularly when accompanied by author profiles, emerges as a potent form of trustworthy and distinctive content that will significantly impact SEO rankings in 2024 and beyond.

GUURU’s Community Content is designed to immerse every shopper on your product pages in an experience of your community’s passion.


Our AI-enriched Community Content tool enables brands to amplify community-generated content sourced from genuine customer interactions within the Community Advice live chat.


While this helps brands ensure a steady flow of highly compelling UGC, the most significant benefit is the sense of belonging and confidence it instills in shoppers.

While Community Advice brings real-time help from real customers to your shoppers, Community Content automatically extracts the most compelling community-generated information within live consumer  exchanges.


This ensures that all your website visitors can experience the passion of your community directly on your product pages through relevant product-related content.


GUURU continuously enriches product pages by pulling relevant content from the live chat, inspiring user engagement and immersing shoppers deeper into the product experience as told through the trusted voices of your customer community.

While reviews provide product ratings and individual perspectives, Community Content offers a deeper level of engagement, authenticity, and expertise, enriching the shopping experience for consumers.


GUURU’s Community Content is specifically derived from real one-to-one conversations between qualified brand users and inquiring shoppers and encourage real-time follow-up conversations. Unlike reviews, Community Content does not primarily aim to evaluate products; instead, it focuses on fostering genuine conversations and providing valuable expertise.


Each piece of Community Content is transparently presented as opinions and advice, without the traditional emphasis on ratings.


Here is a summary of each:

  • Customer Reviews: Customer reviews should come from individuals who have purchased and used a product, offering insights into personal experiences, however they are often criticized for their authenticity, relevance, and lack of context. Ratings and feedback are the primary focus, and they usually do not facilitate real-time communication between shoppers and experts.
  • Community Content: On the other hand, community content arises from vibrant interactions within a brand’s loyal customer community. These exchanges involve passionate customers sharing insights, tips, and advice based on their experiences with the brand. Furthermore, it offers shoppers the opportunity to connect directly with knowledgeable community members for real-time advice and guidance.

GUURU’s Community Content automatically pulls community-generated content directly from your Community Advice live chat into your relevant product pages.

In recent years, several countries have introduced laws to protect consumers from misleading reviews by for example, implementing regulations that help ensure reviews come from verified buyers.


Here’s an example of how the EU revised its Union consumer protection rules to modernize and enhance enforcement regulations, particularly in light of the growing prevalence of misleading reviews in eCommerce.

Our Community Content, sourced from our Expert Community, aren’t reviews from product owners or users. Instead, it offers authentic insights and expert opinions from individuals passionate about the brand and topic.


Additionally, some laws prohibit selectively showcasing positive reviews and removing negative ones. Since Community Content is not product reviews, there is no distinction between good and bad reviews.


Instead, it comprises authentic and predominantly positive statements, benefits, and highlights derived from conversations with consumers seeking recommendations and expert opinions.


Furthermore, transparency regulations concerning endorsements, such as influencer marketing, require disclosing any commercial affiliations. GUURU’s community members are not compensated for their statements; rather, our solution compensates them for providing authentic 1:1 advice and expertise, with the content being a summary of these conversations.

While there are numerous incentives contributing to the success of brands employing D2C strategies through their online stores, Community Advice stands out as a catalyst poised to deliver significant and enduring benefits to eCommerce in the years ahead.


With trust in social media, marketing, and online content on the decline due to the proliferation of synthetic, fake, or AI-generated content, scalable human-centric solutions are becoming increasingly vital in shaping shopper experiences.


Moreover, Community Advice represents a perpetual asset, as customer communities play a pivotal role in driving the success of the brands they endorse. By providing real-time access to loyal customers, Community Advice not only attracts potential customers into the fold but also strengthens the bond between advice-giving customers and the brand.